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Quik-Pak bicycle cargo trailers are designed by Cycle Tectonics in the Colorado, USA  & built through Optima-Cycles of Holland.   Our unique manufacturing partnership gives you the best of two worlds.  For 2011 we will be warehousing our own trailers!  Our warehouse, the R &D division, and parts will all be housed under the same roof.  That will give us the ability control quality, and to address all issues immediately with no go between

Known for its lightweight 6061-T6 aluminum X-Ray frame, a true quick-release hitch, a coated waterproof cargo hold, adjustable axle ride height, quick-release 20-in. wheels, and its 6,000+cu. in. heavyweight waterproof cargo hold  the Quik-Pak is ready for most any journey.

The patented X-Ray frame and waterproof cargo hold provides the serious cyclist with a cargo trailer ready to meet the demands of the road.  It is lighter and larger than  a Burley Nomad or B.O.B. Yak.  See how the Quik-Pak compares to the Burley Nomad or B.O.B.   The X-Ray frame folds, and the easily removed axles allows store your Quik-Pak .  Our new model with its unique axle support system allows you to fold your Quik-Pak quickly.   Optima Cycles of Holland is now manufacturing our new trailers.  

  • Lightest full-sized bicycle cargo trailer available!
  • Quickly folds into its own carrying case with a 5 mm Allen wrench
  • Lightest and largest full-sized cargo trailer
  • Coated waterproof cargo hold
  • Quick release hubs and Radical Designs hitch
  • Does not affect the handling of the bike
  • Easy to handle off the bike
  • Designed to be used!
  • 20-in. wheels
  • QR hitch
  • Adjustable ride height
  • 7,000 – 10,000 cu-in. capacity 
  • It folds to carry like a suitcase




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