Rail Vise Assembly


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Rail Vise Assembly

The Rail Vise was developed to solve a very specific problem. All other gun cleaning and maintenance stands or cradles are designed hold traditional rifles. Rifles with a wooden stock firmly attached to the action and barrel. These traditional cradles clamp or hold the buttstock and the barrel or foregrip.

The AR-15 rifle is quite different in that the Upper and Lower Receivers must be separated to perform any cleaning. With the rifle disassembled in this fashion, both the Upper and Lower Receiver are a bit unwieldy and not readily grasped for cleaning.

With the creation of the Rail Vise, is is now possible to hold the AR-15 rifle in a secure, “rock solid” position resulting in total access to those areas of the rifle that require detailed cleaning. This allows the rifle to be cleaned and lubricated more thoroughly which should result in longer firearm life and tighter groups at the range or in the field.

The Rail Vise Assembly consists of the standard four piece polymer Rail Vise Kit components plus a black anodized aluminum extrusion Platform. The 29″ platform has two full length channels that accept the included 1/4-20 bolts for adjustability between pistol length and rifle length barrels. Wing nuts are also included




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