Rainy Day Foods – Germade – #10 cans


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Germade is a great product to have on hand.  This makes a great hot cereal for those that love something warm to eat in the mornings.  This cereal is also good because it is not loaded up with sugar.  You can make it your own way by adding your favorite fruits or jams to it.  Germade can also be made for any meal if you are looking for something creamy and smooth to eat.  This is a must have for your long term food storage needs, because it stores so long.

Ingredients:  Hard red wheat endosperm. Non GMO.

Contains:  Wheat


Germade is a great way to start your day.  This hot cereal is great to make for yourself and your family if you are looking for a healthy cereal that is not packed with sugar.  This is a must have for your long term food storage needs.


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