Rainy Day Foods – Hard Red Wheat – Case of 6 #10 cans


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Our hard red wheat is known in some circles as the best wheat to have on hand.  It has a low moisture content and a high protein content (14% or more) making it the best wheat to make bread with and other baked goods.  Hard red wheat is great to eat as a nice hot cereal for the mornings.  Just put it in your crock pot at night and a nice healthy cereal full of protein will be waiting for you the following morning.  This is a great wheat to grind down into flour and use in your baking goods.  It is also good for sprouting if you like to eat sprouts.  This is a must have for your long term food storage needs!

Ingredients:  Low moisture high protein hard red wheat. No preservative added.

Contains: Wheat


Our hard red wheat is a great product to have on hand.  Our hard red wheat is high in protein and low in moisture, which makes it great for making those home made baked goods that we all love.  It is triple cleaned.  It is great for sprouting if you love to eat sprouts.  Hard red wheat is great to store for long periods of time.  This can be used to cook up for wheat berry cereal and can be ground into flour for your recipes.  This is a great product to have on hand.  A definite need for your long term food storage!


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