Rainy Day Foods – Regular Milk (non-fat) – #10 cans


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Our dehydrated regular milk is a wonderful product to use.  This milk can be used for drinking and to use in your recipes.  Regular powdered milk can also be used to make evaporated or condensed milk when you do not have any on hand.  Regular milk is a great way to save money if you have a lot of milk drinkers in your house.  Just have a pitcher of it on hand to use in your recipes and you will be saving money. You will not be able to taste the difference.  This powder is as delicious as it is easy to use.  A need for your long term food storage!

Ingredients:  Nonfat Milk.

Contains:  Dairy


Dehydrated regular milk is a wonderful product to have on hand.  This is a great substitute for using milk in your baked goods.  Your family will not know the difference.  It can also be used for drinking, just make sure you chill it overnight.  Regular milk does not have the fat in it so it stores longer.  A delicious addition to your food storage needs.


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