Ranger Bead Survival Necklace


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Ranger Bead Survival Necklace

The Bu Tactical Ranger Bead Survival Necklace uses lockable beads to count paces in a survival or recreational outdoor setting. One side of the necklace has 9 beads to represents the 100 pace count. The other side has 5 beads for the 1000s pace count, making the necklace available for counting up to 5000 paces. Also included is a small compass and carabiner for extra utility.

The core of the Ranger Bead Survival Necklace is the Bu Tactical Combat Lanyard, and the Ranger Bead Necklace will function in a protective role similarly to our other combat lanyard offerings.

  • 550 Type III Paracord (78 inches), ACU Camo
  • Safety Buckle for quick disconnect to prevent choking
  • Drum locks for neat appearance and to contain the pace beads
  • Pace beads sufficient for 5000 paces
  • Small compass
  • Small carabiner



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