Running a Bio-Gas Programme


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The designs & uses of biogas plants, with technical appendices, for domestic and community plants. Economic & social effects of biogas programmes described from experience, and advice given in the problems of management.

"There are many advantages to biogas technology for people living in the rural areas of a developing country. A biogas plant can digest materials that are readily available on small farms, such as animal dung and crop wastes. Biogas digestion not only produces a clean, high-grade fuel gas, it also gives a residue that is a good fertilizer. Biogas can also be used in engines to drive machinery and water pumps."

A practical & detailed handbook that draws on the author’s experience in Nepal, and compares this with evidence from India and China. The designs and uses of biogas plants are described – with technical appendices for those who need them – both for domestic and community plants. 188pp 1988


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