Silverlon burn pad dressing 4″x4″ Box of 10


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Burn Pad Dressings

Silverlon burn pad dressings deliver a continuous flow of silver ions to the wound. Sustainable – Silverlon dressings can be used for up to 7 days. No staining. No increase in bioburden.


Silverlon® Island Wound Dressings are multilayer wound dressings that combine a moisture barrier (film urethane layer), an absorbent pad (rayon) with a Silverlon® wound contact surface. The Silverlon® Island Dressing has the added benefit of a layer of elastomeric fabric adhesive tape. The Silverlon® multilayer design provides a wound dressing that is easy to apply with the benefits of maintaining a moist wound environment, and a complete antimicrobial barrier that has been proven to enhance wound healing.


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