Soft Shell Splint


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Features of the SAM Soft Shell Splint:

The Soft Shell Splint works like the SAM Splint. The splint has “O” temper aluminum encased in soft foam. The aluminum core allows the splint to be molded in seconds into a variety of shapes. The splint has added thickness on one end to provide both firm and extra firmness. The skin-contact surface is covered with an absorbent brushed terrycloth fabric.

• Comfortably soft.
• Quickly applied.
• Just mold & wrap (or strap).
• Easily re-moldable.
• No resins or plasters.
• No water ,gloves or cleanup.
• Reduces waste.
• Economical.
• Transparent to X-rays.
• Firm and extra-firm ends allow different levels of resistance to motion, according to needs.
• Allows exercise without splint removal.
• Washable.
• Made in USA.


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