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 5 Gallon Sun Solar Shower, A Portable Shower Heated by the Sun

The solar-powered Sun Shower lets campers, backpackers and boaters enjoy a hot shower anytime, anywhere!

Our best selling five gallon portable solar hot water showers delivers hot showers anywhere! Great performance & self-contained design. Lightweight camping shower. Improved design.

This premium quality shower comes with an easy to use ON/OFF shower head and an extra large screw cap valve makes filling easy. Just simply roll up shower after use for easy and compact storage. It’s an ideal product for camping, fishing, beach fun, sailing, or on your next hiking trip! An ultimate outdoor shower experience with Summer Shower! Absorbs energy from the sun to create a hot shower.

Most campers, hikers and travelers enjoy hot showers wherever one is available, these portable, packable sun-heated solar showers are the best solution. Tree Hanging or handheld solar shower. If you plan to use cold river water or cold campsite water, just fill the sunshower and place it in the sun for a few hours for a refreshing sun-heated shower to remove the end of day outdoor grime.

A portable solar heated sun shower provides a refreshing relief when camping, fishing, surfing, hiking, outdoor adventures, off-road, contraction work, expeditions, etc. Lightweight camping shower is heated by the sun to offer an outdoor shower anytime, anywhere!

Solar-engineered materials and construction absorbs sunrays Heats water to comfortable shower temperatures in a few hours exposure

Frequency-welded seams for durability

Solar-powered shower lets you enjoy a hot shower anytime, anywhere!

Sun Solar Shower heats 60º degree water to 110º degrees in 3 hours
5 gallon capacity for 5-6quick showers
Rugged ABS nozzles
Extra tie-down grommets and reinforced handle
Shower head with 19″ hose
Built-in on/off control
Durable, 4 ply extra-thick vinyl bag
Micro-cell foam insulation to retain heat
Double-weld seam construction
Includes free Mesh Carry Bag
Specification Description
Empty Weight 1 lbs.
Capacity/Volume 4 gallons



Additional information

Weight 6 lbs


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