Sun Oven : Multi-Fuel Water Pasteurization Indicator (WAPI) 3-pack


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A Water Pasteurization Indicator (WAPI) is a simple thermometer that indicates when water has reached pasteurization temperature and is safe to drink. For many years we offered WAPIs which hang from a nylon cord and work very well in a SUN OVEN®. During times when there is no sunshine using a WAPI with non-solar fuel was difficult due to the melting of the nylon cord. We are pleased to announce the availability of the Multi-Fuel WAPI, which can be used on a campfire, with charcoal, propane, or with any type of fuel.

How is water Pasteurized?
Pasteurization occurs when water is brought to 65°C (150°F) for 6 minutes. Pasteurization destroys all microorganisms and dangerous pathogens that cause diseases from drinking contaminated water.

What is a Multi Fuel WAPI?
The Multi-Fuel WAPI has been developed for use in a SUN OVEN® or in a pot over a campfire, with charcoal, propane, or with any type of fuel. The Multi-Fuel WAPI has no delicate nylon line to tangle or burn off dangling over the lip of a kettle. It floats inside the kettle.

The Multi-Fuel WAPI has a high-temperature molded polypropylene case which serves as a carrying case for storage and as a float to enable the WAPI to be submerged in the water.

In use, the transparent tube is removed from the case and snapped into the hole provided in the bottom, with the wax end up. The case is placed in a pot, pan or jar which is filled with water. When the wax has dropped to the bottom of the tube, the water is safe to drink. The WAPI can be reused hundreds of times.


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