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Welcome To The Composting Revolution!

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SUN-MAR’s NEW Garden Composters make it easier than ever to produce your own top-quality, nutrient-rich garden compost.

A SUN-MAR Garden Composter is a gardener’s dream! You know that by recycling you are doing the right thing, and it’s fun to produce your own compost, effortlessly. With a SUN-MAR garden composter, you’ll enjoy:

  • Reduced waste disposal costs
  • FREE source of fertilizer
  • Reduced water bills (soil mixed with compost retains water better than regular soil)
  • Improved plant health due to improved soil structure & nutrients
  • Year round use – you can continue to add material, even during the cold winter months


SUN-MAR’S Unique Features:
When it’s this easy and inexpensive, why WOULDN’T you choose to compost?

  • Compost discharges automatically
  • No waiting for compost batches to finish
  • Unit is pest-resistant
  • Easy loading and turning
  • Assembles easily in about 2 minutes!
  • Renowned SUN-MAR quality means years of hassle-free use

SUN-MAR Garden Composter 400
The 400 Model is considerably bigger than the 200, but otherwise it works on the same principles. The 400 is designed for composting kitchen scraps and a cut up materials from a small residential garden. The unit’s drum can hold approximately 11 bushels (100 gallons) of compost material.

Autoflow Technology on the SUN-MAR 400
The diagram shows how material (such as kitchen scraps, yard & garden trimmings) moves into and along the outer drum. A scoop on the inner drum (not shown) collects material and pushes it along the inner drum, exiting through the output port.


  • Drum Volume: 366 Liters (approx: 11 bushel or 100 gallon)
  • Height: 36″
  • Depth: 28″
  • Overall Length: 42″
  • Product weight: 60 lbs

Operation of the 400
Material is added to the 400 by sliding the input door open. To mix and aerate the compost, rotate the drum by turning a shaft on the exterior of the unit. Compost is removed by opening the output port, rotating the drum and allowing compost to fall from the inner drum into a bushel basket or other container.

Included with the SUN-MAR 400:

  • Optional Rollers – The unit has optional rollers, which can be snapped into the cradle base to make it easier to move the unit when it is on a hard surface.
  • Sample of Compost Swift – a sample bottle of Compost Swift concentrate, which is a mixture of aerobic bacteria and enzymes, specifically formulated to speed the activity of aerobic bacteria in any backyard composter, and get your compost going faster.
  • Spare Parts – You are unlikely to need them, but we are including 2 spare vent plugs and one spare drum cap in case you break one.


Assembly Instructions

  1. Remove the drum from its shipping carton.
  2. Snap the cradle into the drum bearings (big end first).
  3. Install the shaft and handle.
  4. Put 4″ bearing end in place.
  5. Secure the drum in place by installing the drum cap.
  6. Put optional rollers in place.

That’s it! No fasteners are needed, and the entire process takes under five minutes!


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