Surrette4-CS-17PS, 4 volt


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Surrette4-CS-17PS, 4 volt 546 amp hour deep cycle battery

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 The 4CS17PS (4-CS-17PS / 4CS-17PS) is a medium capacity battery with all of the features of the Rolls Surrette New Generation series 5000.

The 4CS17PS (4-CS-17PS / 4CS-17PS) battery is a quantum leap from the performance and longevity provided by golf cart and L-16 floor scrubber types.

  • dual case construction
  • replaceable cells
  • small foot print
  • expected life of 15-20 years.

Volts: 4
Amp Hours: 546 at the 20 hour rate

Dimensions (LxWxH): 14" x 8.25" x 18.25" / 356 x 210 x 464mm
Weight Dry: 119 lbs. / 54kg
Weight Wet: 147 lbs. / 67kg

These batteries are sold wet with electrolyte. They can be ordered dry for no additional cost, but electrolyte is not included. Because batteries are hazardous, it is required that they be dry to transport them by aircraft. It is also desirable when exporting them to other countries. Please call to order if you need them shipped dry.

When exporting Surrette batteries overseas exporting crating is required. Export crating is 5% of the total cost of the batteries.

Container Construction
Inner Container: Polypropylene
Inner Cover: Polypropylene-Heat Sealed to inner container
Outer Container: High Density Polypropylene
Outer Cover: High Density Polypropylene Snap fit to outer container
Handles: Molded

Plates Per Cell: 17
Electrolyte Reserve above plates: 3.625" / 92mm

Design Criteria
10 year warranty
3300+ cycles
12-15+ years life

Positive Plate Dimension
Height: 10.75" / 273.05 mm
Width: 5.625" / 142.875 mm
Thickness: 0.265" / 4.7mm

Negative Plate Dimension
Height: 10.75" / 273.05 mm
Width: 5.625" / 142.875mm
Thickness: 0.185" / 4.7mm

Positive Plate Enveloped
Vertical Slyver Glass Mat

Flag with nuts and bolts

"SOLAR" Series 5000

Rolls Battery, based in Salem, MA, has been manufacturing deep cycle batteries for more than 40 years. Our Series 500 system of batteries, manufactured specifically for SOLAR and other renewable energy applications, are designed to offer up to 20 years of life thanks in part to their "Non-Breakable", dual container (modular) construction.


  • Dual Container Modular Construction.
  • Coupling of our thick plate design with highest density active material.
  • Enveloped Separators
  • Increased Liquid Reserve

Voltage: Various
Plate Alloy: 4% Antimony
Post Type: Flag (Typical)
Chg Volt: Float 2.2 -2.3 VPC Bulk 2.37 -2.40 VPC
Sp.Gravity: 1.265
Electrolyte: Sulfuric Acid


  • Elimination of "stray" current.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • No acid leakage.
  • Easy "on-site" assembly/disassembly. (No special tools or skills required.)
  • Drastic reduction in connections, eliminating many points of failure, thus increasing charging efficiency.
  • Unsurpassed cycling service – 15 years average life !
  • Ability to remove sediment chamber, eliminating separator mis-alignment, treeing, and shorting.
  • Allows for higher plates to be used in the same sized cell, thus yielding greater capacity.
  • Less maintenance.


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