Suunto MB-6 Two-Zone Compass In Matchbox Style Case

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Suunto MB-6 Compass SS010605011 is a feature-packed mirror compass in a handy matchbox style case. The Suunto MB6 Compass is a combination of a hand bearing compass and base plate compass in a highly resistant Noryl matchbox style case, and is ideal for use as a marine compass. Though small and compact, this Suunto Compass provides accurate information and boasts a host of invaluable features. The Suunto MB6 Nautical Compass is equipped with adjustable declination correction scale, and includes a sighting hole, clinometer and luminous markings. The Suunto MB-6 Matchbox Compass features the Suunto ‘Two Zone System’, a compass balancing system that divides the globe into two sections. Inclination – the vertical intensity and direction of the earth’s magnetic field – influences the horizontal plane of a compass needle, according to the latitude where it is used. Due to inclination, compasses must be balanced for different geographical zones in order to keep the needle in a horizontal position. Previously, the globe was divided into five different balance zones in which specific compasses functioned. However, as people travel more and more, the need for a compass with a greater geographical range has increased. With the Suunto MB-6 compass, there are only two balance zones to consider in compass use – the northern hemisphere and the southern hemisphere. In practice, this means that a Suunto compass designed for the northern hemisphere will still work for a fair distance into the southern hemisphere, and vice-versa. Suunto also makes globally balanced compasses, which can be used accurately all over the world.


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