Swiss Army Victorinox Evolution S54 Tool Chest Plus


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  • Be prepared for any job and feel safe knowing your grip won’t slip with the ultimate tool chest! The EvoGrip S54 features 31 implements including a 2.5″ stainless steel locking blade and also has an ergonomic plastic handle that lets you hold it with ease.

    See the tools tab for a complete list of tools (implements) housed in the Evolution S54.

    Lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defects.

    1. 2.5″ Locking Blade
    2. nailfile with
    3. -nail cleaner
    4. Lever Design Serrated-Edge Scissors
    5. can opener with
    6. -small screwdriver
    7. cap lifter with
    8. -screwdriver
    9. -wire stripper
    10. 2.75″ Double-Cut Wood Saw
    11. Phillips Locking Screwdriver
    12. Metal File with with
    13. -metal saw
    14. Magnifying Glass with with
    15. -Precision Screwdriver
    16. Pliers with with
    17. -Adjustable Opening
    18. -wire crimper
    19. -wire cutters
    20. -Nut Wrench
    21. Integrated Rotating Compass with with
    22. -Slight Line
    23. -ruler
    24. Universal Wrench
    25. Fish Scaler with with
    26. -hook disgorger
    27. corkscrew
    28. reamer, punch
    29. key ring
    30. tweezers
    31. toothpick


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