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The Tattletale alarm system is the world’s first and only transportable, cellular security system with high performance wireless sensors. The system is completely do-it-yourself (DIY) and can be unpacked and activated with tattletale’s central alarm monitoring service and armed within minutes of purchase or lease. Tattletale is designed and engineered so that customers can self-activate the system (with optional accessories) and then protect virtually any asset up to 4 miles from Tattletale’s self contained tamper proof base unit. Most important, tattletale makes the call to tattletale dispatch without a telephone line using cellular wireless transmission to report an alarm event. The commercial product has been reviewed by outside industry and technical experts and is overwhelmingly preferred to alternative asset protection solutions.

Designed to protect:

  • Construction site
  • Temporary home or office
  • Remote locations with no phone lines
  • Cargo in transit
  • Trailers in transit
  • Storage monitoring

Award Winning Design

Tattletale employs a variety of proprietary design, construction and implementation techniques that give it the most technologically advanced products in its marketplace. All tattletale products are grounded in our portfolio of technology patents, and we will continue to develop and patent new wireless technology as we grow our alarm product family. Currently, Tattletale has been awarded six US patents addressing the hardware, technology, business methodology, and trade-dress of tattletale products.

Instant Protection

Tattletale is a complete alarm system in one compact unit. Just plug it in. There is no installation, no wires and no appointments to schedule.

Portable Alarm System

You own it. You can move it from one location to another at any time.

Wireless Security

Tattletale sends an instant wireless signal to 24/7 emergency dispatch. With the addition of long range wireless accessories tattletale can protect anything, anywhere, anytime.

The Fastest Alarm System

Tattletale uses a wireless data link to send the alarm signal. This signal is a one-way data packet that travels over the digital data control channel of the existing cellular network. There can be no dropped calls!

No Phone Line to Cut

Thieves typically cut a phone line before entering a premise. Data packet technology is superior to conventional alarm systems because there is no phone line to cut. The digital wireless alarm signal also eliminates the chance that a power surge will cause a false alarm.

Use Anywhere, It’s Cellular

Use Tattletale anywhere in the United States and Canada. There are no long distance and no roaming charges.

Tattletale Wireless Cellular Alarm Subscription Service Plans

12 Months at $35/month – $420/year

Text Messaging & e-mail only 12 months at $15/month – $180/year

*Please Note: Other services may be requested, but are subject to additional fees.

  • Fast Easy setup anywhere
  • Totaly wireless deployment
  • Expandable to 16 sensors of your choice
  • Monthly Monitoring fee required for full support

    This revolutionary portable alarm system can go anywhere and protect anything. The Tattletale portable alarm system is built around a full featured Base Station that acts as a mobile command center communicating with a varaity of sensors places up to 2000 feet away from the base station.

    Tattletale is a complete alarm system in one compact unit. Because the alarm features are integrated into a single unit there is no installation necessary and no appointments to schedule. Just plug in your tattletale, press one button on the remote control and protect everything, instantly.

    The Base Station can be used a standalone selfcontained alarm system.

    Base Station Includes:

  • Built-in Motion Detector
  • Built-in 115 Decibel Siren
  • Built-in Strobe Light
  • Built-in Keypad
  • Built-in Cellular Dialer
  • Built-in Wireless connectivity to optional accessories
  • Built-in 10-hour Rechargeable Battery Back Up



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