The Earthquake That Never Went Away:


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The Earthquake That Never Went Away:   CARE PUB
The Shaking Stopped in 1812, but the Impact Goes On

by David Stewart, Ph.D. and Ray Knox, Ph.D.

Is your house falling apart because it was built on a sand boil? Will your electricity fail because your power company built over an earthquake fissure? Are your city streets cracking because of old landslides?

"Whether interested in earthquakes as geological wonders or survival in the next one, this book is one you won’t want to do without." River Hills Traveler.

See where sand boils swallow tractors, where fissures derail trains, where people fish in lakes made by earthquakes.

8.5 X 11 size; 153 Photos/figs.; Indexed.
222 pages

LCCN: 92-75133

ISBN: 0-934426-54-6


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