The Green Self-Build Book


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The Green Self-Build Book

How to Design and Build Your Own Eco-Home

Jon Broome

A highly illustrated, practical handbook on eco-friendly building for homeowners.

Whether you want a turf roof, solar-powered hot water, a straw bale home, or a super-insulated (and cost-efficient) house, you need to know the essential elements of the process. In The Green Self-Build Book, Jon Broome gives an overview of the different methods of sustainable and eco-friendly construction techniques for non-professionals.

The Green Self-Build Book gives inspiration and information to guide you through the green building process. It is intended for anyone who is planning a do-it-yourself project, and for housing professionals, students, and teachers.

About the Author

Jon Broome is an architect, who has self-built two houses. He is the co-author of The Self-Build Book and a contributor to Housing & the Environment. He lives in London, where he runs his own consultancy specializing in sustainable construction

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