The Trekker Portable Water Purification Solution Portable Water Plant

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Noah Water Filter Replacement Filter Package

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The Trekker” – Portable Water Purification Solution, You own personal water purification plant.

During an emergency you could fill up 60) 1 gallon jugs an hour,  What a bartering tool or just a neighborly thing to do. 



USA Made The Trekker Portable Water Purification Solution a portable water purification system capable of producing 1 gallon/3.8 liters per minute of safe drinking water from fresh water sources: wells, lakes, ponds, rivers or floodwaters. The unit is powered with 12-volt DC current that can be supplied from any source: auto, truck, generator, airplane, boat, etc., making The Trekker™ an ideal choice in remote areas where electrical service is either impractical or unavailable.

The UV light source should be replaced after 9,200 (millions of gallons) hours of operation. The life of the Sediment and Carbon filters is completely determined by the amount of dirt, sediment and particulates in the source water. When the filters begin to reach the end of their useful life, the water out-flow will gradually diminish, indicating the need for filter replacement. Ready Made Resources  carries a complete supply of replacement filters for your convenience.

This is a Portable Water Plant. Take it with you and filter water anywhere. Heavy Duty and Very Durablenoah-water-trekker2

Great for Large Families, Groups, or even for a community.

We have had many people ask about how to provide water for larger groups, this is the best I have found.

  • Production @ 1 Gal / min
  • Disinfection > 99.99% Kill Rate
  • Dimensions: 17x21x9 inches
  • Weight: 26.5 lbs / 12 kg
  • Quick Filter Change
  • 4-Stage Purification Process
  • Watertight, Unbreakable Case
  • UV Lamp Out Indicator
  • 3-Year Limited Warranty
  • No Chemicals to Add
  • 12 Volt DC Power Supply
  • Total Portability
  • NSF Rated Components
  • Virtually Maintenance Free
  • Easy To Use

What exactly is the purification process?

1. Pre-Filtration

The purification process starts with a pre-filter, screening the source water at the point of entry. In the Noah product line, the pre-filter screens are incorporated with the inlet hose. This is essential in preventing the system from becoming plugged with rocks, mud, feces and other large debris.

2. Sediment Filtration

The water passes through a sediment filter. Adding a sediment filter provides 5-micron filtration to extend the life of the carbon filter by removing unseen sediment that will prematurely clog the filter.This would include the removal of:

  • Sand, Silt, and Scale
  • Dirt and Mud
  • Other Suspended Solids

3. Carbon Block Filtration 

The carbon block filtration process is actually comprised of two distinctly different procedures.

Chemical Bonding: Uses activated carbon (sometimes called activated charcoal) which has a slight electro-positive charge added to it, making an even more attractive bonding agent to chemicals and impurities. When water is forced through the solid carbon block, it is forced to slow down and increase the amount of contact time with the carbon, allowing the carbon bonding to take place.

Mechanical Straining: The carbon is compacted into a solid brick of material. Every molecule of water is forced through the microscopic pores of carbon, effectively straining out particle matter.

4. Ultraviolet Treatment

Ultraviolet treatment is the final, and in most cases, the most important step in the purification process. After the carbon filter has cleansed the water, it is exposed to intense dosages of UV light. This exposure effectively destroys viruses, bacteria, fungi, algae and protozoa. The UV light destroys any microorganisms by scrambling its DNA structure.
As a result,the cells are rendered sterile and cannot reproduce, and thus no longer remaining a threat.


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