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33104 Deluxe Dutch Cheese Press

Our TSM DELUXE DUTCH CHEESE PRESS is one-of-a-kind. Sturdy and reliable, it is a must-have for making cheese at home! Unlike its plastic and wooden competitors, the Deluxe Dutch Cheese Press is made of extra durable Food Safe 304 Grade Stainless Steel that is easy to clean. This guarantees extended life, and is exceedingly more sanitary than lesser cheese press models that are made of wood and plastic, porous materials—which can be bacterial breeding grounds.

You can use the Deluxe Dutch Cheese Press for a single cheese wheel, or use the upright extension for a multi-stack mold pressing (sold separately with the Extension Kit). The Deluxe Dutch Cheese Press is capable of over 200 lbs. of pressing weight, and the pressing piston doubles as a follower for molds with 5” diameters.

All of our cheese making products are of the highest quality, giving you a strong foundation for your artisan cheese making ventures, whether you are a professional, or novice cheese maker. This press is designed to grow with your cheese making needs, as you can build onto it for larger capacity productions.

The Deluxe Dutch Cheese Press is hand-wash only. Weight Sold Separately.


Cylinder Dimensions: 6” H x 5” D


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