WAGAN 6-Liter Thermo Fridge/Warmer – for 12V Car Plug or AC Adapter


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Keep your foods at perfect serving temperatures even when outside of your home. Take this highly adaptable 6-Liter Thermo-Fridge/Warmer from Wagan on your next outdoor trip and get the luxury of having a portable mini fridge always at the ready wherever you might be.

6-Liter Electric Cooler Warmer Designed for Easy Use on Outdoor Adventures
Dual Adaptability – will work with 12V Car Plug (car lighter plug) or AC Adapter
User-Friendly Interface – simple Hot/Cold/Off switch with LED temperature display
Fit a 6 Pack and More – has a 6 Liter Capacity equivalent to fitting up to 9 cans
Space Saving Design – conveniently fits at front console or back seat with 2 cup holders at the front
Comes with a 1 Year Warranty

Ever wanted a cold drink while out camping? How about a warm cup of soup while out fishing in the wee hours of the night? With the Wagan 2260 Thermo Fridge Warmer, controlling the coldness and warmth of your food and beverages is now in your hands. Simply plug it into your car lighter plug and get cold or hot food and drinks in a really short time. Lightweight, portable and very durable, get the best out of the outdoors with this 6-Liter electric cooler warmer from Wagan.


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