Zodi Extreme Self-Contained (SC) shower – ITEM NO LONGER AVAILABLE


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The Zodi Extreme Self-Contained (SC) shower is a multi-functional portable hot shower great for outdoor adventures, camping, backcountry experiences and even disaster preparedness! The Zodi™ Extreme™ Shower is easy to use! Simply add 3 gallons of water to the tank, assemble tri-pod stove, place Extreme™ Tank on Stove and heat.

The Zodi™ Extreme™ Shower is built from stainless steel and features a metal hand-pump that lasts for years. The Extreme™ shower has a convenient on/off control valve and a 6 ft shower hose with a water-saving showerhead. The Zodi™ Extreme™ SC Shower model includes a 10,000 BTU multi-purpose stove for heating the shower and is great for cooking. The Zodi™ Extreme™ Shower includes an on-tank shower pole holder and storage bag for extra convenience. The Zodi™ Extreme™ SC Shower is the best self-contained hot shower. (Propane tank and shower pole not included.)


  • Industrial stainless steel construction for extra durability
  • Heats to about 100°F in 5-10 minutes
  • Handy thermometer displays water temperature
  • Simply fill with water and place on included stove
  • Multi-use 10,000 BTU heater and cooking stove collapses for transport
  • Sealed 1-piece metal hand pump pressurizes system quickly without batteries
  • 6-ft shower hose with water-conserving showerhead
  • Industrial grade brass on/off valve controls water-flow
  • Durable storage bag with a carrying strap


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