The Importance of a Quality Night Vision Device in a Grid Down/Survival Situation

As a strong proponent of owning at least one PVS-14 3rd Gen Autogated Night Vision, I would like to take a minute or two to state the reasons why I believe that during a crisis Night Vision is the one piece of equipment that is essential. pvs-14-11-555x555 (1)

Let me state that I know of many people that own numerous Firearms, Ar-15 Types, Box Magazine Feed. They have spent thousands of Dollars on the weapon, magazines and ammunition. Yet the have never invested in Night Vision, in my opinion a fatal mistake.

Anyone with any training will tell you that with a pair of night vision and good training  that they can take everything you own. Yes, your food, your water, your weapons, your ammunition, and even family members.

Several Things you can do with night vision that you can not do otherwise.

  1. Drive and Hike at Night. Bugging out or heading home
  2. Hunt at Night.
  3. Protect your family from people with evil intention.
  4. Search and Rescue at night.

With any good Night Vision, I also recommend owning a good waterproof radio with a Push to Talk Throat mike system.

Night Vision and Communications a perfect marriage and a pair hard to beat.

Consider your position if the grid goes down, after the first night you will wish you owned one.

You can check out our line of night vision products here, and as usual I am available for consultation. 800-627-3809 I welcome your call.

All of our Night Vision comes with a 10 year manufacturers warranty.

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