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Celtic Sea Salt® Fine Ground Celtic® comes from the Light Grey Celtic®, just low temperature dried and crushed for convenience. The mineral profile is retained and the ease of use increased. Fine Ground Celtic® is great for baking and works well for those who are new to natural unrefined salt. Our Fine Ground 8oz Shaker is ideal because it has big holes and a clip-on lid that helps to keep the moisture at bay. It also comes filled and is refillable!

But isn’t Salt Bad for You?

Well, all the medical and scientific studies condemning table salt would appear to be justified, except for the fact that these studies examined only refined white salt, a biologically damaging, completely unnatural and chemicalized substance. In the industrial refining process, as many as 82 trace minerals and essential macro nutrients are forcibly removed, leaving only a single compound made of sodium and chlorine.

Why Sea Salts?

  • Celtic Sea Salts are a prime condiment that stimulates salivation, helps to balance and replenishes all of the body’s electrolytes.
  • It provides renewed energy
  • It gives you a high resistance to infections and bacterial diseases
  • It supplies all 82 vital trace minerals to promote optimum biological function and cellular maintenance.
  • It balances alkaline/acid levels
  • It restores good digestion
  • The natural iodine in these salts protects against radiation, atomic fallout and many other pollutants.
  • It can aid in relieving allergies and skin diseases
  • And overall greatly reduces toxins and to help prevent ill-health
  • Properly stored, salt keeps virtually indefinitely.


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