Crown 12-125-13 Industrial Fork Lift Battery 24 volt, 935 AH CALL FOR SHIPPING


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The Crown 12-125-13 is a heavy duty industrial (fork lift) type battery. These batteries are designed for extremely heavy usage, and in a typical solar electric system they will normally last for about 20 years or more. We have been selling these for 25 years and have never seen a failure; one of our installations in the Mojave desert installed in 1981 is still going.

Warranty: 1500 cycles to 80% DOD for five years full replacement.

Fork lift batteries have a slightly different plate composition from smaller deep cycle batteries in order to withstand industrial usage. The self-discharge is slightly more, and they should be equalized about once a month. Some solar systems are not capable of putting out enough current to fully equalize these batteries – it will require about 40 to 80 amps, depending on which battery. Most inverter chargers can supply that much.

935 amp-hours at 20 hour rate, 24 volt.
Dimensions: 30.63" x 12.69" x 31" high.
Weight: 1,440 pounds. (must ship freight)

These batteries are very heavy (1400 pounds), and we highly recommend that you have a small crane or forklift available to move and/or load/unload it.


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