Nature’s Free Herbal Pharmacy


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Wild herbs are not new. For many years, herbs have been used to remedy a wide range of health problems and to maintain good health. Modern medicine is taking another look at how herbal remedies really work and with no side effects. During National unrest, such as a disaster or terrorism, there may be a time when there is no doctor available. All the herbs covered in this book are found growing wild and are also edible as a free food resource plus with Nature’s Free Pharmacy, you will know the medicinal and healing power of the same plants! With Nature’s Free Pharmacy, You Will Learn How to: Identify backyard wild natural herbs and their use – Have a clear complexion – Have healthier looking hair – Reduce itching naturally – Healing of abrasions rapidly – Gain energy and reduce weight – Dry and store wild herbs and wild foods – Make preparations, salves, poultices and infusions – Plus a healing index and many other practical and valuable tips.


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