Norotos Dovetail Hyper Mount

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The Norotos INVG Hyper Night Vision Mount is a precision-machined, highly adjustable, modular mount.  It provides an extremely stable platform for attaching almost every type of night vision goggle used by the Department of Defense and Law Enforcement communities.  The INVG Hyper retains all of the popular features from the legacy INVG mount while adding a breakaway mode for to increase operator safety and lower the chance of gear damage as well as a modular interface system.

Break-Away Capable, Modular Night Vision Mount

The INVG Hyper features a single tri-lobe mount arm that pivots on its own axis.  The single arm prevents binding under pressure, tension, and field abuse and represents the strongest mount arm in the field.  The INVG Hyper can rotate on its own axis, allowing a monocular to easily pivot from eye to the other.  But, the greatest benefit is that goggles can be stowed in a lower profile than with traditional mounts.  When the user flips the goggle up into the stow position, it can then be rotated again back towards the helmet; preventing a large night vision protrusion from the helmet that can cause snag hazards and accidental damage to the goggle.  The INVG Hyper uses a force-to-overcome stow mechanism so it can be easily and quickly flipped up and down.

The INVG Hyper utilizes a field-changeable interface system that allows operators to switch between the standard bayonet horn and dovetail interface.  It comes standard with the Dovetail Interface.  Horn Interface is sold separately.  The horn interface is compatible with the AN/PVS-7B, AN/PVS-7D, AN/PVS-14.  The dovetail interface is compatible with the AN/PVS-15, AN/PVS-18, AN/PVS-31, BNVD-G, TNV/Sentinel.  Interfaces are easily swapped without tools by manipulating a spring-loaded capture pin and sliding them off the adjustment rail.  Vertical adjustment is accomplished with ease by rotating a locking lever on top of the mount before sliding the mount up and down the vertical rail.  When the desired height is found, the lever is locked down.  This is a nice improvement over the legacy system which featured a slow worm dial.  It is also easier to actuate with gloves.

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