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Pioneer Gang Plow

Pioneer Gang Plow

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The latest addition to the PIONEER line, this plow is for the serious horse and mule farmer; giving you the option to greatly increase production utilizing horse or mule power.  Truly in a class of its own the PIONEER 2-bottom gang plow is the perfect choice for teamsters using tandem hitches. 

Quality materials and workmanship, combined with solid all-steel construction, offers rugged dependability and trouble-free service in the field year after year.  Designed and built for performance and reliability, this gang plow will do an excellent job of plowing in most field conditions.  It can be adjusted to plow at a level and uniform depth at all times.

PIONEER offers some unique features in a horse-drawn 2-bottom gang plow.  Shear pin trip bottoms eliminate broken and damaged equipment.  Conventional stell plow bottoms assure continued parts availability.  Furrow and rear wheel steering for precise control on turns.  The elevated operator’s platform is easily accessible and provides the teamster with a clear, unobstructed view.

Ample clearances and full-width cover boards for good trash flow and coverage.  Fluted coulters slice through residue for clean furrows.  Width and depth of cut are fully adjustable.  Convenient D-handle over-center level is all that is needed to raise and lower the plow bottoms.  Two adjustable lift springs make it easy to lift the bottoms out of the ground.  Handy foot operated latch holds them securely in the raised position. 


  • Sizes:: 12 inch or 14 inch available in RH only
  • Moldboards:: Oliver Raydex type – optional John Deere
  • Shares:: economical and readily available
  • Shin:: replaceable hardened shin
  • Cover board:: replaceable – provides better trash coverage
  • Coulters:: slice through residue for cleaner furrows
  • Tongue with Neck yoke:: painted wood tongue with sliding neck yoke
  • Frame:: heavy tubular steel
  • Beams:: 2-piece reinforced medium carbon steel
  • Axles:: precision machined medium carbon steel
  • Wheel Hubs:: 4-bolt with tapered roller bearings
  • Furrow and Rear Wheel:: solid web type – eliminates trash pickup
  • Land Wheel:: heavy-duty spoke type
  • Hitch:: ample adjustment for various size hitches
  • Steering:: tongue steers furrow and rear wheel for maneuverability and precise control.
  • Length:: 98 inches overall
  • Width:: 66 inches overall
  • Height:: 76 inches minimum


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