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Canadian-Alaskan Survivor Pak




Canadian-Alaskan Aircraft Support System (CA-20)

Originally designed for pilots flying within Alaskan and Canadian airspace, the CA-20 offers protection against harsh climates in the event of an emergency. It contains over 150 medical and general supply items to help sustain two people for up to 14 days.

The space saving design combined with its ample supply of food and water makes the CA-20 a popular choice on board fixed wing, rotor craft, and corporate jets. It’s also used extensively by Search & Rescue units!

Canadian-Alaskan Aircraft Support System
Item: CA-20

Content list:

1  Police Whistle, plastic, small w/ lanyard
3  Road Flares
1  Camping Mirror, thin stainless steel
1  Hollow Handle Knife, 6 inch clip point blade bolted to plastic hollow handle
w/ sharpening stone in vinyl fabric sheath
1  Ball Compass in screw on cap
1  Wire Survival Saw
6  Safety Matches w/ striker strip
5   Fish Hooks, small
3   Split Shot Fishing Weights
2   Sewing Needles
1  Monofiliment Fishing Line, 5 feet
1  Hatchet, all steel, dull edge w/ cloth sheath
90 Coghlin’s “Waterproof” Safety Matches (2 boxes, 45 each)
1   G.I . Plastic Match Case (Empty)
12  Coghlin’s “Firesticks”, compressed impregnated wood
12  Candles, 3/4 x 4 inches
1  Flashlight, 2 D-cell, Non-waterproof, Ray-O-Vac brand
2  Alkaline D-cell Batteries
1  Screwdriver, common, medium tip
1  Locking Pliers
2  Thompson Snares, 1 ea. small and large
1  Compass, basplate style w/ magnifier
1  Fishing Kit (winder w/ line, plastic float, weight, huge hook and 3 flys)
1  Gill Net
2  Space Emergency Blankets
6  Chemical Handwarmer Packs
2  Mosquito Head Nets
2  G.I. Insect Repellant, 71% DEET
2 pair Work Gloves, split leather face, cotton backs
2  Dust Masks, disposable

First Aid

4  Gauze Pads, 3 x 3 inches
10  Adhesive Bandage Strips, 3/4 x 3
1  Adhesive Tape, 1/2 inch
1  Conforming Gauze Bandage, 2 inch
1  Elastic Bandage, 2 inch
3  Feminine Hygiene Pad
10  Benzalkonium Chloride Wipes
24  Alcohol Prep Pads
1  Mouthwash, 4 fl. oz.
2  Tongue Depressors
1  Bandage Scissors
1  Tweezers, pointed tips
48  Bismuth Tabs (Bismuth Subsalicate 262 mg)
100  Aspirin Tabs, 5 gr.
1  Instant Cold Pack
1  Dent’s Toothache Drops (benzocaine)
1  First Aid Cream, 7/8 oz. tube (lidocaine 0.5%, phenol 0.5%)
1  Cardboard Splint


10  Mainstay Survival Rations -(3600 Calorie)
6    Mainstay Water Packs, 4.06 oz.
1 bottle  Potable Aqua – 50 tabs
1  G.I. Style Canteen, 1 qt.

All Purpose

1  50 ft. Poly Rope, 1/4 inch
6  Packages Facial Tissues, pocket size
1  Duct Tape, 2 in. x 10 yds.
6  Bio-Hazard Bags, red, small
6  Garbage Bags, 30 gal.
1  Pencil (golf)
1  Paper Pad, 3 x 5 inches
1  Pack Playing Cards
1  Manual – “The Wallace Guidebook for Emergency Care and Survival”

1  Nylon Duffel, silver and orange


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