Tribest Zstar Manual Juicer

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Wheatgrass juice is one of nature’s richest sources of chlorophyll and has proven to be a natural body cleanser, rebuilder, and neutralizer of body toxins. Until now, obtaining the juice from this miracle plant required purchasing expensivezstarjuicer juicers or making a trip to your local juice bar to buy a shot. Now, with the Z-Star Manual Juicer, Tribest makes it affordable to be able to juice wheatgrass at home, or on the go.

Unlike other manual juicers, you will be impressed by the Z-Star’s versatility. Not only can you juice wheatgrass, you can also enjoy fresh nutritious juice from a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens. Its unique single-auger juicer design uses an extremely gentle and efficient process to extract more high quality juice from all of your favorite fruits and vegetables without electrical power. Perfect for traveling or in the comfort of your own kitchen, you just need to clamp down the lightweight and durable Z-Star Manual Juicer on a smooth surface and feed in your preferred fruits or vegetables. With a few turns of the arm, you can enjoy the benefits of nutritious juice wherever you go!

The Z-Star Manual Juicer comes with all parts you need to juice. You get a juice container, a stainless steel juicing screen, and a plunger. The Z-Star Manual Juicer also comes with a 1 year warranty.


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