The Earthquake America Forgot:


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The Earthquake America Forgot:
2,000 Temblors in Five Months.And It Will Happen Again
by David Stewart, Ph.D. and Ray Knox, Ph.D

You will experience the most powerful series of earthquakes in American history and survive in the safety of your favorite armchair.

You will voyage down the Mississippi on a steamboat while quakes rock the shores. Whole towns are swallowed up, and pirate bands disappear on islands of sinking sand. You will travel with Chief Tecumseh and feel the quakes with Thomas Jefferson, Daniel Boone, and Abraham Lincoln.

You need to know what happened then, and what will happen tomorrow. If you buy only one book on earthquakes, buy this one.

1st ed. 2nd printing; 8.5 X 11 size; 280 Photos/Illustrations; Indexed

ILCCN: 91-91492
376 pages

ISBN: 0-934426-45-7


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