Aquamira WaterBasics 30 Gallon Water Storage Kit – ITEM NO LONGER AVAILABLE


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The WaterBasics 30 gallon Emergency Water Storage Kit is a new and innovative approach to the age old problem of storing water. Forget the bulky, and cumbersome ridged plastic containers that are difficult to transport, fill and dispense. Now you can have emergency water storage available in minutes, with a system that you can store under the bed. Simply open up the package, insert the stiffener pack and Liner, and fill on the spot. WaterBasics even provides all the fittings necessary to connect and fill your syste67263-slide1-waterbasics-30-gallon-water-storage-kitm from any hose spout, or faucet. Two layers of containment assure that you can store water without worries, leaks or spills. Includes 10’ Retractable hose with a shut off valve and easy to operate, hand pump that tucks neatly away inside the container when not in use. The pump accepts any Series II Filter or can be used with the directional nozzle for accurate, spill free filling of containers. Because the WaterBasics Emergency Water Storage Kit is so easy to transport and set up it is perfect for home emergency water storage, base camps, family camping, larger groups etc..

Product Features

  • Easy to transport so you can take the ability to store water with you
  • Quick set up
  • Small footprint and collapsible for storage
  • Pumps 1.3 gallons per minute
  • Ideal for Emergency Water Storage
  • Space-saving design works well in apartments and small homes (approximately 20 in³)


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