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The EZ Crank Manual Water Pump is powerful enough to bail out sinking boats – it can handle 40 to 90 gallons per minute. It makes short work of emptying rain barrels or spreading liquid fertilizer on your yard. The EZ Crank works with a variety of liquids, but is best suited for water.

Setup is lightning fast. With this simple pump, you can setup and drain a rain barrel in less time than it takes to find a power outlet for an electric pump. There’s no starter cord to tug on, or spark plugs to clean.

Benefits of this hand pump:

  • Doesn’t need priming
  • Sets up in seconds
  • 2-inch adjustable intake
  • 2-inch adjustable outake
  • Works off the grid
  • If your arms is tired, you can hook up a drill to turn the crank
  • Moves high volumes of water at low RPMsThe biggest advantage of a hand powered pump is that it gives you freedom. Using it doesn’t run up your electric bill or require a costly trip to the gas station. The freedom from a power supply also helps when gardening in hard to reach places – you don’t need to worry about extension cords or ventilation.Technical Details:
  • Height: 11.5 inches tall
  • Width: 10 inches from port to port (without hose attachments)
  • Depth: 8 inches (~11 inches with the handle attached)
  • Handle size: 3 inch wide grip, 6 inches long
  • Weight: ~5 lbs
  • Output: 40-90 gallons per minute
  • Power Supply: Triceps, biceps, and wrist muscles (can also be used with an optional foot pump, or rotated using a power drill)
  • 2 inch hose diameters (can be reduced using standard ABS reducers)The pump is ABS plastic with a little food grad lube in it for first time use. It has not been tested for use with drinking water.This manual pump requires no electricity or fuel – it’s perfect for off-the-grid locations or for use during power outages. When heavy storms knock out the electricity and your basement is in danger of flooding, this crank pump comes in handy. It’s perfect for removing water in a hurry.With this environmentally friendly water pump, you can
  • Empty rain barrels
  • Water plants
  • Irrigate foundations
  • Pump liquid fertilizer or herbicides
  • Transfer soil amendments from barrels into smaller containers
  • Blend liquid treatments together
  • Dissolve soil amendments into water
  • Pump heavier liquids (ie; paint, sewage)
  • Fill livestock trays
  • Empty ditches
  • Bail out boats or basements
  • Drain pools or spas

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