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Tests your Drinking Water for…

  • – Bacteria (presence/absence for Total Coliform and E.Coli)
  • – 22 heavy metals and minerals (including lead, arsenic, uranium, and mercury)
  • – 7 other inorganic chemicals (including nitrates and fluoride)
  • – 5 physical factors (including pH, Total Dissolved Solids and Hardness)
  • – 4 trihalomethanes (disinfection by
  • – products)
  • – 47 volatile organic chemicals (including MTBE, PCE and TCE)
  • – Full List of Contaminants PDF

WaterCheck™ Standard is a comprehensive informational water analysis designed for the homeowner whose drinking water comes from a private well or spring. This water testing package tests for 87 items and is a more comprehensive version of the basic analysis adding 47 VOCs and 4 Trihalomethanes.

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