Pasture / Nose Pump


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Pasture / Nose Pump
  • Avoid damage to stream banks and ditch edges.
  • Make use of water from springs, ponds, streams, and shallow wells.
  • Install and remove easily.
  • Light-weight.
  • Extremely durable marine grade cast aluminum construction.
  • Does not chip, rust, or heat.
  • Proven technology.
  • Safe operation.
The RIFE Pasture/Nose Pump is a unique pump that uses animal power to pump water. The pump can be used by cows, horses, and even bison. Each pump is good for 30 horses or dry cows. The RIFE Pasture/Nose Pump is base on the Pavlovian Theory of conditioned behavior. Animals learn that pushing the activator reward them with water it takes between one minute and a couple of hours for livestock to learn how to operate the pump. Increasing costs of hay production and growing interest in short duration grazing (using paddocks) are encouraging more and more livestock farmers to take advantage of the economic and environmental benefits of pasturing. Pastures need water. The RIFE Pasture/Nose Pump brings water to the pasture conveniently, economically, and without polluting water sources with animal wastes and eroding embankments. The RIFE Pasture/Nose Pump is mounted (with screws)on a timber platform that is anchored securely to the ground with wooden stakes. The supply pipe is connected to the rear of the pump at one end and a foot valve at the other. Both connections are made completely air tight by using hose clips the foot valve is kept clear of the ditch bed by latching the pipe to a board laid across the banks.




Pump Body: Marine Grade Cast Aluminum
Nuts, Bolts, and Washers: Stainless Steel and Brass
Diaphragm and other rubber parts: EPDM rubber
Diaphragm support plates: HDPE plastic
Foot valves and inserts: ABS plastic or Nylon

Dimensions And Performance

Length 28 ¼”
Width 10″
Height 15 ¼”
Weight 22 lbs
Pipe Size 1″
Delivery per Stroke approx. 1 pint
Maximum Vertical Lift 26 ft
Maximum Horizontal Distance 126 ft


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