Seychelle pH2O Family Water Pitcher with Dual pH Alkaline Filters


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The Seychelle pH2O Family Water Pitcher with Dual pH Alkaline Filters created by Seychelle Environmental Technologies, Inc. naturally alkalizes your drinking water to support your health and bodies delicate pH balance.

Naturally enhanced alkaline drinking water for improved health and hydration.

Seychelle’s pH20 PUREWATER proprietary blend of media naturally:

  • creates pure, great-tasting alkaline drinking water
  • removes harmful contaminants
  • protects beneficial trace minerals to improve your health and wellness


Removes up to 99.99% of contaminants and pollutants found in drinking water supplies, including:

  • Aesthetics such as Chlorine, sediment and dirt (taste and odor)
  • Chemicals (VOC’s) such as DDT, MTBE, Benzene, Chloroforms (THM’s)
  • Dissolved Solids (Heavy Metals) such as Arsenic, Lead, Mercury, Copper, Zinc, Aluminum and Chromium 6.
  • Radiologicals such as Radon 222.
  • pH increases the alkalinity (pH) of drinking water


    • Powered by Seychelle Water Filtration Technology
    • Increases pH up to 9.5
    • Produces up to 100 gallons of filtered water
    • BPA free and FDA approved materials
    • Over 7 million filters sold worldwide
    • Filter made in USA
    • Removes up to 99.99% of harmful contaminants and pollutants
    • Replaceable filter
    • 8 cup capacity (64oz)
    • Quick fill lid, no removal required
    • Compact, light weight, and easy to use
    • Removes up to 90% of Flouride
    • Retains beneficial trace minerals
    • Filtered water remains alkaline for over 30 days!


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